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Edelweiss Geary is an experienced Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. She is trained and experienced in providing counseling services to persons who are dealing with a physical or emotional impairments and need work modifications or need to change employment.. 

We are Return to Work Specialists

  • Geary & Associates, Inc. believes the employee must participate in developing a vocational rehabilitation plan (aka return to work plan). Successful return to work plans are ‘self-directed’ plans guided by the professional vocational counselor.

We Offer Sound Return-to-work plans the 1st time

  • We recommend credible and defensible plans.
  • We listen to the employee, assess the accepted medical information, and adhere to the realities of the labor market.

We Employ Best Practices

  • We deliver good faith objective services and offer the employee best practices to restore employability. We take no shortcuts.

We Promote Win-Win Solutions

  • The employee is employed or employable.
  • The employer contains costs.
  • The Insurer demonstrates good faith effort.

THE VOUCHER - California’s Workers Compensation Law

Under California’s Workers Compensation Law an injured worker may be determined eligible for a nontransferable, Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher.  This voucher may be used for the payment of tuition, fees, books and other expenses required by a state approved or accredited school the worker may enroll in for the purpose of educationrelated retraining or skill enhancement, or both. If the injured worker needs assistance in arriving at a vocational choice and /or a training facility, Geary & Associates will provide this service.  Call Edelweiss Geary. She will discuss the length of services and fees.


Call Edelweiss Geary to discuss your situation and available services at (707) 525-8085.

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