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Geary & Associates, Inc. will help develop and prepare a custom resume tailored to your employment objective.  There are no magic words that will describe your experience.  We cannot create experience and skills you do not possess.  We prepare the resume with your involvement and collaboration.  When you proof and approve the final version, we will prepare a print version and email the resume to you.

Just What is a Resume?

A resume is an “argument” that supports your candidacy for a position.  Resumes do not get people jobs.  People get jobs.  A good resume can help get interviews.  The development of a resume leads the job applicant through a process that will result in maximum preparedness.  The resume is used as a calling card that is sent to an employer in order to be invited for an interview.  In the interview, the resume is a cue card that lists talking points. 

What you must do to prepare the resume?

We can only prepare a resume based on employment experience, education, training knowledge of the position objective and accomplishments.  Preparation of the resume actually includes preparing for an interview.  A client will be asked all of the questions during preparation of the resume that an employer might ask.  This is the time that problem areas can be addressed and resolved.   It is vital that the information on the resume is not overstated or exaggerated.  Accurate and credible information on a resume is essential in order to feel confident and not be caught in incorrect information if an employer checks on the statements on a resume. Employers can quickly spot an exaggerated or inflated resume.  Often, job seekers attempt to place too much information on a resume.  Professional resumes are simply effective and well researched resumes.  A researched resume is the best preparation for an oral interview.  Cover letters are usually necessary and can be very important in a job search.  Sometimes certain information can be explained in a cover letter that would be very difficult to put on a resume.  If there is a specific job that is being applied for, the cover letter should connect skills with the requirements of the job.   

How Can We Help? 

Individuals contact Geary & Associates when they need assistance in updating or creating a resume to address a specific position and assistance in writing a cover letter.

Call Edelweiss Geary and schedule an appointment.  There is no charge for an email message or telephone conversation to discuss your needs.

Why are Keywords and Accuracy Important? 

An employer may be using specialized computer application software to search scanned resumes for “keywords” representing the information and skills required by the targeted position.  An employer may also use computer software to automate the background checks based on the demographic information, work history and education provided on the resume. 

About the Fees to Develop a Resume

Preparing a resume takes time and thought.  Few people are able to easily identify job skills and express the skills in the terminology required on the resume.  Workers are so close to their job skills that often they do not recognize their skills as anything significant.  Most workers do not spend time every day referring to job skills (knowledge, functions and behavior) in the technical skill language preferred on the resume.  Consequently, workers often experience anxiety in preparing a resume.  We are translators.  We will spend time with you to identify the transferable marketable skills needed to support the job objective.  We will take your information and assemble a resume. 

Training Workshops 

Geary & Associates, Inc. will develop and offer small group consultation covering the preparation of resume content, conducting employer research, using the telephone effectively, handling sensitive issues, preparing a job search marketing program, identifying employer prospects, establishing a network and negotiating compensation programs.

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