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If you want to improve the balance in your life, your own personal Coach may be exactly what you need.  A Coach is someone

who is there to encourage you, help you discern and support you along the way. The International Coach Federation defines

coaching as partnering” with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal

and professional potential. 

Coaching is about helping clients clear a path so that they can make the changes they need to make to reach a goal.

When a supportive person helps you talk through an issue or a plan it is easier to identify and  implement the steps necessary to reach your goal.

A Coach will help you identify the obstacles to reach your goals whether they be situational, personal, emotional,

physical or logistical.  A Coach will help you define your goals and develop the steps necessary to reach them – an action plan. 

The coach’s role is to ask the questions that help you find you own answers and then outline your responsibilities for implementing

an action plan.


Is it counseling or psychotherapy?  Coaching is definitely not psychotherapy.  A Coach does not delve into your past to identify all of the

problems that might have existed in your life. However, a coach may help you understand that therapy may be needed.


A Coach will likely have assignments for you once the specific services needed are identified.  For coaching to be successful, both

parties must be involved in the process. The length of the coaching process will vary.  For some people, two to four sessions may

identify and resolve issues.  For others, a much longer relationship may be needed as in situations of developing a business plan or

determining what it will take to advance in a current job.


Geary & Associates is a fee for service company.  There are no contracts for our coaching services.  Payment is made after each



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